Today on the tray: Poop!

The day after the Super Bowl is National Poop Day, observed this year on February 3, 2020. Apparently it has to do with the volume of unhealthy food consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. Personally, I don’t watch sports, but as we all know, everybody poops. I found out about National Poop Day when I was searching for National Popcorn Day, and Google, trying to be helpful, autofilled what it thought I was looking for.

I think the most poop-filled TV show has got to be Family Guy. Just search YouTube for “Family Guy poop” if you don’t believe me. I’d advise against watching the one where Brian eats Stewie’s poop. But I do like the one where Peter tries to exact revenge on a pigeon for pooping on his car by doing the same unto the pigeon. “That’s right, get it nice and clean,” Peter says, up in a tree with his pants pulled down, directly above the spot where a pigeon is washing its car.

My other favorite Family Guy poop gag is the one where Peter and Lois are on a cruise, and Peter is banned from the aft section of the ship. “Peter, what the hell did you think you were doing,” asks Lois. Peter replies, “Lois, it is called the poop deck. That is why I pooped there.” I have to side with Peter here—why do they call it that?

It turns out that the origin of “poop deck” has nothing to do with poop whatsoever. It is from the Latin word for the stern of a ship, “puppis” and later the French “la poupe,” which also means the stern. This got me wondering about Grey Poupon mustard and what that meant, so I Google-translated “poupon,” and it came up as “little baby.” And what do little babies do? See, it all circles back to poop.

Here’s an informative video explaining the whole thing. It’s pretty funny, actually.

Not surprisingly, The Simpsons has a poop deck joke too.

Whether you spend it in the privacy of your own bathroom or on a poop deck, have a happy National Poop Day!


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