Today on the tray: Popcorn

Mr. Dee-Lish PopcornJanuary 19 is National Popcorn Day.

With Oscar season upon us, it’s an appropriate time to acknowledge popcorn, the snack food most associated with the movies.

According to “Why Do We Eat Popcorn at the Movies?” (, early movie theaters did not serve popcorn. The theaters were trying to be classy and didn’t want the fuss or mess. But times have changed, and now concession sales account for 45 percent of theaters’ overall profits.

Here’s a fun 1950s animated theatrical spot for Buttercup Popcorn:

What is it?
Hey, what is Buttercup Popcorn?
Add sweet butter to hot popcorn
Mix it up. Wrap it up. Buttercup is born!
It’s delicious
So nutritious
It’s a taste delight
It’s so munchy
Crisp and crunchy
You’ll enjoy each bite!
Eat butter-drenched Buttercup
Popcorn at its best
Served in a king-sized cup
It beats all the rest!

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