Today on the tray: Corn chips, chipmunks and Donald Duck

January 29 is National Corn Chip Day. According to National Day Calendar, this food holiday has been observed since 2002. They suggest celebrating in the following way: “Grab your favorite corn chips. Add some dips or topping. Be sure to share with friends or family, too.” But I say, why stop there? Call in sick and spend the whole day lying on the couch, eating corn chips and watching TV. And don’t share them. Let your friends and family get their own.

There is a 1951 Disney animated short called “Corn Chips,” featuring Donald Duck. Spoiler: There are no corn chips in it. It co-stars chipmunk brothers Chip and Dale, and it involves popcorn, so I imagine that is the source of the title. If I were Dale, I’d demand equal billing to my brother. Incidentally, Chip and Dale are named for 18th-century cabinet-maker and interior designer Thomas Chippendale, not the male striptease dance group of the same name.

Left: Chip ‘n’ Dale     Right: Chippendale

In the animated short, Donald Duck is clearing snow and tricks the chipmunks into finishing the job for him. They retaliate by popping a load of popcorn that rains down from a tree onto Donald’s property. Up to his armpits in popcorn, the cranky duck is forced to shovel the stuff. The lesson for children: Revenge is salty and best served hot.

Here’s the short. Watch it now, before YouTube pulls it down for copyright violation and you can only see it by paying for Disney+.

However you choose to spend it, have a happy National Corn Chip Day!




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