Today on the tray: Shake, open, and pour… a milkshake!

Borden's Milk Shake in canSeptember 12 is National Chocolate Milkshake Day. If you’re more of a vanilla milkshake kind of person, I’m sorry to say you’ll have to wait until June 20 for National Vanilla Milkshake Day.

Do you know how to make a chocolate milkshake? If you don’t, fear not. WikiHow tells you how to do it in six easy steps (with pictures). It seems easy, but that’s three steps more than it takes to prepare a Borden’s canned milkshake, which was apparently a thing in the mid ’60s. For that, you only need “shake, open, and pour”!

Commercial for Borden’s Milk Shake in a can (1965)

Shake, open, and pour… a milkshake!
Shake, open, and pour… new Milk Shake!
Borden’s Milk Shake in a can
Icy thick… It’s crazy, man!
No fountain shake tastes greater than
Shake, open, and pour.
‘This is ice creamy!’
‘It’s foamy!’
‘It’s fun!’
Borden’s Milk Shake’s the only one
You can shake, open, and pour!



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