Today on the tray: Diet vanilla milkshakes

metrecal coupon
Please enjoy this coupon, courtesy of Michael’s TV Tray

Yesterday, the American Medical Association officially labeled obesity a disease. And today is National Vanilla Milkshake Day. So how is a person supposed to reconcile those two facts?

The answer’s easy: Join the “Metrecal-for-Lunch Bunch,” those glamorous, vivacious people who drink diet milkshakes during breaks from skiing. You can see them in the commercial below. There are (or were) 14 flavors of Metrecal milkshakes to choose from—and fortunately for you and me, vanilla is one of them!

Metrecal milkshake commercial, the “Metrecal-for-Lunch Bunch” (1960s)

man drinks metrecal“Here they come. The slim ones. The trim ones. Who are they? They’re the Metrecal-for-Lunch Bunch. At lunchtime, instead of fattening food, they have delicious Metrecal milkshake flavors to help stay slim and trim.”

Sadly, you can’t join the Metrecal-for-Lunch Bunch anymore. They no longer make the stuff, and those attractive young people who once drank milkshakes on the ski slope are in the Stewed-Prunes-for-Lunch Bunch now. But you can close your eyes, sip something equally bad-tasting, and remember the days when the Metrecal diet fad swept the nation.


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