Today on the tray: Pecans

pecansApril 14 is National Pecan Day. Let’s celebrate by time-traveling back to 1962 and baking a pecan pie using the recipe from the Imperial Pure Cane Sugar box.

“Autumn’s fresh pecans—plump and tender for Imperial Harvest Pecan Cake…” Did the same actor do the voiceovers for every commercial from the ’50s and early ’60s? I swear they all sound alike.

Vintage commercial, Imperial Sugar Harvest Pecan Cake (1962)

Here are some fun pecan facts from

  • Pecans are known for their buttery flavor and soft crunch.
  • The pecan tree is the only nut tree native to North America.
  • Pecan is a Native American word, of Algonquin origin, used to describe “all nuts requiring a stone to crack.”

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