Happy Festivus!

December 23 is Festivus. Are you a Seinfeld fanatic? Think you know all about Festivus, the “holiday for the rest of us”? See how you do on this 10-question Festivus quiz, courtesy of festivusweb.com. I’ve already told you the first answer.

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Festivus clips from Seinfeld, “The Strike” (Dec. 18, 1997)

Festivus pole
Chaz Stevens erects a Festivus pole at the Florida State Capitol

Last year, a Florida resident named Chaz Stevens made headlines when he erected a Festivus pole made of beer cans in the Florida State Capitol, where a Christian Nativity scene was also on display. Then Fox News host Gretchen Carlson made even bigger headlines by being outraged by it. “Why do I have to drive around with my kids to look for a nativity scenes and be, like, ‘Oh, yeah, kids, look, there’s baby Jesus behind the Festivus pole made out of beer cans!'” she demanded.

Others say the real outrage is that it was made of beer cans instead of the traditional plain aluminum pole specified by Frank Costanza.


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