Today on the tray: Banana splits

banana splitAugust 25 is National Banana Split Day. 

According to some sources, the banana split was first created in 1904 by a pharmacist named David Evans Strickler in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Others dispute the claim. But in August 2013, Latrobe erected a commemorative marker with great fanfare at a banana split festival, so it must be true. After all, a sign says so.

banana split historical marker in Latrobe, Pa
In Latrobe, Pennsylvania, citizens celebrate banana split history and erect a marker staking the city’s claim as the birthplace of the banana split.

If you watched Saturday morning television from 1968 to 1970, you might also associate “banana split” with The Banana Splits Adventure Hour and its theme song that began, “Tra la la, la la la la. Tra la la, la la la la.”

The show featured a fictional rock band composed of Fleegle (a beagle), Bingo (a gorilla), Drooper (a lion), and Snorky (an elephant). It was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions with costumes and sets designed by Sid and Marty Krofft.

Opening, The Banana Splits Adventure Hour

Tra la la, la la la la. Tra la la, la la la la.

One banana, two banana, three banana, four.
Four bananas make a bunch and so do many more.
Over hill and highway the banana buggies go
Comin’ on to bring you The Banana Splits Show.


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