Today on the tray: Animal crackers

animal crackersApril 18 is National Animal Crackers Day.

“Nothing tugs on your nostalgia like the innocent sweetness of animal crackers,” says CNN Eatocracy. “Perhaps they were your favorite snack at lunchtime in elementary school, or they still offer comfort to you at the end of a bad day.”

For National Animal Crackers Day, here is a strange performance of a strange song, “Animal Crackers,” by Melanie.

Melanie (aka Melanie Safka) performs “Animal Crackers” on the German TV show Beat Club (March 29, 1969)

Oh, eat your animal crackers
‘Cause my mother told me so long ago
If you eat your animal crackers
The children in Europe won’t starve anymore
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Once I went on a diet
A carbohydrate diet ain’t nice
‘Cause you can’t eat animal crackers
So I’m gonna stay a fatty for all of my life
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
But some people think that fatties are nice.

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