Hey, stop playing with your food!

vintage Mr. Potato Head kitFebruary 8 is National Potato Lovers Day. And when you really love a potato, you give it a name and treat it like a person. Maybe you give it little gifts, like clothing or a pipe.

Below, see a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head commercial from back when Mr. Potato Head used real potatoes, not plastic ones. Mr. Potato Head has a “car and boat trailer” while Mrs. Potato Head has a “car and shopping trailer.” I guess Mrs. PH does the shopping for the family while Mr. PH goes fishing with his potato buddies.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head commercial (1960s)

Did you know that Mr. Potato Head was the first toy advertised on television, and the first product to be marketed directly to children? Yes, those were the evil marketing geniuses who started it all. They are probably now in hell, where their punishment is to be surrounded by little kids pestering them throughout eternity to buy them things.

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