Today on the tray: Milk, the vitality drink

milk bottlesJanuary 11 is Milk Day (not to be confused with Harvey Milk Day, which is May 22).

Milk Day commemorates the date in 1878 when milk is believed to have been delivered in bottles for the first time. suggests you celebrate by making a cow puppet or decorating a clay pot to look like a cow.

Did you know that milk is what keeps Bobby Sherman so vital? Yep, milk is the “vitality drink”!

Bobby Sherman milk commercial, Shindig! (1966)

Drinking milk will keep you hopping around just like Bobby. But if you have no milk today, you’ll be sad and dejected, like Herman’s Hermits. Hear their sad lament:

Herman’s Hermits, “No Milk Today” (1966)

Someone get those Hermits some milk! And have a happy Milk Day!

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