Today in TV history: All in the Family and Hullabaloo

Two classic TV shows premiered on this date, January 12, in different years.

In 1971, All in the Family revolutionized TV sitcoms with its portrayal of the bigoted Archie Bunker (Carol O’Connor) as its lead character and its tackling of controversial issues.

The musical variety show Hullabaloo, which debuted in 1965, showcased pop singers and performers and is often compared to another musical variety show from the same era, Shindig! Below, in the first episode, Joey Heatherton sings and introduces a new dance, “The Hullabaloo,” with the Hullabaloo dancers.

Joey Heatherton introduces the Hullabaloo dance  in the series premiere (Jan. 12, 1965)

Hullabaloo logoHey everybody
Have you been informed?
Hey everybody
There’s a new dance that’s just been born
And I know you can do it too
Because the music began to prove
He’s got it
She’s got it
They’ve got it
Oh, I’ve got it
You better get it
I mean The Hullabaloo!


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