‘Tis the season of Peters

’Tis the season for me to post two Christmas videos that I share every year, both of which feature a Peter.

The first is the classic Folgers holiday commercial in which visiting son “Peter” sneaks into his family’s home on Christmas morning and wakes them up by brewing an aromatic pot of Folgers. The mother exclaims, “Peter!” and embraces him. Peter says, “I missed you, Mom!” My mother is fond of this commercial, even though I’m sure she wouldn’t be pleased if I were to wake her up that way. She and I refer to cable-knit sweaters as “Peter sweaters.”

Folgers Home for the Holidays commercial with “Peter” (1988)

greg wrangler.jpg
Greg Wrangler, aka “Peter”

Here’s an interview with the actor who plays Peter. His name is Greg Wrangler, which totally sounds like a porn star name. Personally, I’m not into coffee porn. Anyway, this photo shows what he looks like today, or at least as of a few years ago. And while searching for the photo, I also stumbled across his LinkedIn profile—“Peter” is a public insurance adjuster now.

The second video is an ad for Peter Griffin’s Christmas album from Family Guy. It requires no introduction. But you’ll never be able to hear “The Little Drummer Boy” again without thinking of Peter’s lyrics.

Peter Griffin’s Christmas album, Family Guy (2005)

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