Have some holiday cheese… I mean cheer

This ’70s cheese-tastic Carpenters Christmas special has got some great moments. It stars Karen and Richard Carpenter and features Kristy McNichol, Harvey Korman, and the Kuklapolitan Players. 

An interesting bit starts at 42:00, where the Carpenters and their guests all sing about their New Year’s resolutions. Kristy McNichol resolves, “I’ll stop acting like a tomboy and be sweet. I’ll have Donny Osmond kneeling at my feet.” Tee hee. And Harvey Korman, who sometimes cross-dressed in his comedy, vows, “I’ll be strong, I’ll be virile, I’ll be tough — and I’ll give away my girdle and my muff.” I know it’s tongue in cheek, but what’s with all the gender conformity resolutions? Resolve to be yourselves, Kristy and Harvey! Don’t let those wholesome Carpenters pressure you to change!

TV special, The Carpenters at Christmas (1977)



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