Odor unrest in the fridge

bicarbonate of sodaDecember 30 is National Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda) Day.

One of the many uses for baking soda is to control odors in the refrigerator, as depicted below in this brilliant 1970s animated Arm & Hammer baking soda commercial. I love how ’70s animation makes it feel like Saturday morning, no matter what day it is!

As the ad begins, smelly foods are causing chaos in the fridge. Sardines menace from inside their tin, and an onion even declares “Onion power!” before defiantly blowing a puff of stinky breath at a defenseless stick of butter. In the nick of time, a new, fresh box of baking soda arrives to replace the old, tired one, and order is restored.

Vintage Arm & Hammer baking soda commercial (1977)


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