A rooty tooty fresh ’n fruity anniversary

Yesterday (July 7) was the 55th anniversary of the opening of the first International House of Pancakes (now known as IHOP). Coincidentally, Kevin Bacon was born the very next day. And they serve bacon at the International House of Pancakes. Is that an amazing coincidence or what?

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To celebrate the restaurant’s 55th birthday, IHOPs in some areas are offering 55-cent short stacks (today only). The anniversary was yesterday, but the pancake celebration is today. I assume that’s because too many people would take advantage of the offer on a Sunday.

The first International House of Pancakes was in Toluca Lake, California. They started using the “IHOP” branding in 1973. For a much more detailed timeline, see the history page on the IHOP web site. They don’t teach this in history class.

IHOP spokesperson CliffIn the ’90s, IHOP commercials featured a spokesperson named Cliff. In one commercial, I remember, he points out that the restaurant also serves omelettes, but they aren’t called the International House of Omelettes — “That would be IHOO,” he muses. It turns out that the actor who played “Cliff” is actually named Cliff. Read all about him on his website.

Below is a pre-Cliff-era commercial for Rooty Tooty Fresh ’n Fruity pancakes. It shows people who wear fake noses and mustaches because they are ashamed to order the dish. Come out of the closet, rooty-tooty pancake eaters! Show your pride!

IHOP commercial for Rooty Tooty Fresh ’n Fruity pancakes (1988)



  1. I thought those disguised ads were like 10 yrs ago, not from 1985. Her feathered hair tells me the wicked truth. $1.99!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Their bacon and eggs has been $10 for years now. I desperately want to go eat pancakes doused in boysenberry syrup.

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