Mark your calendar: The Classic TV Variety Show Blogathon is coming!

The Classic TV Variety Show Blogathon, which will take place the first week in February, is a tribute to the great variety series (or, in the case of the one I picked, not so great) that graced American television from 1950s to the 1970s. Michael’s TV Tray will present “The Brady Bunch Hour: A Very Brady Trainwreck.”

There is already an impressive line-up of bloggers and shows:

Sunday, Feb 3
The Judy Garland Show – How Sweet It Was
The Dean Martin Show – It’s About TV
The Flip Wilson ShowOutspoken & Freckled

Monday, Feb 4
The Brady Bunch Hour – Michael’s TV Tray
The Jerry Lewis Show – Thrilling Days of Yesteryear
The Frank Sinatra Show (Christmas episode) – Christmas TV History

Tuesday, Feb 5
The Carol Burnett Show – ClassicBecky’s Brain Food
The Paul Lynde Halloween Special
 – Made for TV Mayhem
Shindig! – Classic Film & TV Cafe

The Classic TV Variety Show Blogathon is sponsored by the Classic TV Blog Association.

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