Snap your fingers for Charles Addams’s birthday!

Charles AddamsCharles Addams, the cartoonist who created the characters upon which The Addams Family TV series and movies are based, would have turned 101 today, January 7, 2013. Many of his darkly humorous cartoons appeared in The New Yorker.

The TV sitcom starring John Astin and Carolyn Jones, which ran from 1964 to 1966, was just one of many Addams Family adaptations. These included movies, two animated series, a Broadway musical, and a 1973 musical variety show pilot, The Addams Family Fun-House. I’m very sorry I never saw that last one—it sounds awesome.

The Paley Center for the Media has a big section on all things Addams Family on its website.

Opening, The Addams Family TV sitcom (1964)

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