Mike Wallace finds the facts about Golden Fluffo Shortening

December 3 is National Apple Pie Day. So is May 13, because apple pie is so yummy it needs two special days.

In honor of National Apple Pie Day, Michael’s TV Tray presents 60 Minutes journalist Mike Wallace’s hard-hitting interview with Mrs. Thelma Styra, Indiana State Fair baking champion. If anyone can uncover the truth about Golden Fluffo Shortening, it’s Wallace. But can he maintain his journalistic objectivity when confronted with Mrs. Styra’s apple pie?

“Oh man, that’s some apple pie,” declares Wallace, before even taking a bite. (See below.)

Golden Fluffo Shortening commercial with Mike Wallace (1955)

There you go. And that’s not Fake News! Have a happy National Apple Pie Day!



  1. As always, your blog just makes me happy. I studied journalism for four years in college and was never exposed to Mike Wallace’s story on Golden Fluffo. Another failure for higher education.

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