Today on the tray: Singing raisins

April 30 is National Raisin Day. Even when they don’t dance and sing, the wrinkled, sun-dried grapes are a delicious, low-fat snack.

If you were paying attention in 1988-89, you might have noticed a short-lived Saturday morning animated series, The California Raisins, based on the singing group of the same name from the California Raisin Advisory Board commercials. While the raisins in the commercials were claymation, the ones in the TV show were just regular cartoon raisins. But they could still sing and dance, which is pretty impressive for a raisin.

Opening, The California Raisin Show (1988-89) 

Baby we’re the hippest dried fruit around
Chunky but funky we can lay it down
Cool is the rule ’cause the music’s so fine
You might have heard about us through the old grapevine
Oh oh oh
We’re not prunes or dates
Yeah yeah yeah
We’re no ordinary grapes
We’re the purple, we’re the few
And don’t forget about the sweet currants too

We’re the California Raisins, amazing raisins, California Raisin Band
When the blazing sun is gazing at the California Raisins
We can lock it in the pocket, come on Raisins let’s rock it

California Raisins, amazing raisins, California Raisins
It’s the California Raisin Show



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