Today on the tray: Ewing Tacos

Bobby Ewing in shower
Bobby Ewing, not dead. It was all a dream!

October 4 is National Taco Day.

Remember on Dallas when Pam woke up and saw Bobby in the shower, and it turned out his death and the entire previous season had been a dream?

What if, instead, she woke up and discovered that Ewing Oil was a dream, and Bobby really worked at Taco Bell? It might have looked something like this 1976 Taco Bell commercial starring Patrick Duffy:

Taco Bell commercial with Patrick Duffy (1976)

Patrick Duffy in Taco Bell commercialEven when he’s not rich, he’s still cute. As the commercial’s tagline says, “There’s more than tacos at Taco Bell!”

Here’s some Dallas trivia: When Duffy filmed the famous Dallas shower scene, it was under the pretext that he was filming a soap commercial, since only he and Larry Hagman knew of his planned return to the series. Even Victoria Principal didn’t know about Bobby Ewing’s return when she acted the scene of Pam getting out of bed and walking over to the bathroom. Here is some more trivia about Bobby’s return.

soft tacos

Have a great National Taco Day! And check out the 2013 National Taco Day post starring Gidget, the Taco Bell chihuahua. She’s cuter than Sally Field and Sandra Dee combined!


  1. This was wonderful to read and I enjoyed seeing Patrick Duffy (what a hunk!) in the early Taco Bell commercial! Loved how he rolled his eyes behind his customer’s back!

    As an avid “Dallas” fan, I vividly remember the “dream season” and Bobby’s return to the series. It was disappointing in many ways (Pam becoming a weaker character, Donna and Ray’s marriage ending, Tony is gone …) but I couldn’t see how they could have Bobby return and realistically explain it. Of course, the dream explanation is not realistic …

  2. I did not know that even the characters themselves were surprised. Patrick Duffy and enchiritos, tostadas, tacos–even if they are faux Mexican–everything in that commercial looks good. Yum!

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