September 24 is National Punctuation Day.

punctuation cookies

WikiHow suggests some ways to celebrate, including baking cookies in the shapes of question marks, exclamation marks, and commas—or, if you’re more of a round-cookie person, you can bake round cookies and frost them with punctuation marks.

The Electric Company cast

Now I’m all for eating cookies, but I have another idea too: How about singing the punctuation song from The Electric Company?

If you watched The Electric Company in the ’70s, you’ll remember the groovy calypso tune. It featured wonderful performances by Rita Moreno and Lee Chamberlin.

Punctuation. Punc, punc, punc, punctuation.
They are the little marks that use their influence
To help a sentence make more sense.

Now a period is just a little dot,
But it occupies a very special spot.
If you should see a period, my friend,
Ah, then you know a sentence just came to an end.

The Electric Company cast and logoNow an exclamation point is saying, “Pow!
Yes, sirree. I don’t mean maybe. Boy, and how.”
When you see it there, it means you ought to say
That sentence in a most emphatic way.

Now a question mark is always there to show
That there’s something that somebody wants to know.
It’s as if a sentence tries to say to you,
“I don’t know the answer, but perhaps you do?”

Now a comma is that funny little sign
That says, “Hey, wait. Just a second. Hold the line.”
When you see a comma, mostly it will mean
There are words you ought to take a breath between.

So if you want to be a reading sensation,
You’ve got to know your punctuation.

Composer: Joe Raposo / Elaine Laron

question mark, exclamation point and period


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