punctuation cookiesSeptember 24 is National Punctuation Day.

WikiHow suggests some ways to celebrate, including baking cookies in the shapes of question marks, exclamation marks, and commas—or, if you’re more of a round-cookie person, you can bake round cookies and frost them with punctuation marks.

Now I’m all for eating cookies, but I have another idea too: How about singing the punctuation song from The Electric Company? It’s a groovy calypso tune with solos by Rita Moreno and Lee Chamberlin. If you watched The Electric Company in the ’70s, you’ll remember it.

See the video at this link (since I can’t embed it) or click on the image below

The Electric Company cast

Punctuation. Punc, punc, punc, punctuation.
They are the little marks that use their influence
To help a sentence make more sense.

Now a period is just a little dot,
But it occupies a very special spot.
If you should see a period, my friend,
Ah, then you know a sentence just came to an end.

The Electric Company cast and logoNow an exclamation point is saying, “Pow!
Yes, sirree. I don’t mean maybe. Boy, and how.”
When you see it there, it means you ought to say
That sentence in a most emphatic way.

Now a question mark is always there to show
That there’s something that somebody wants to know.
It’s as if a sentence tries to say to you,
“I don’t know the answer, but perhaps you do?”

Now a comma is that funny little sign
That says, “Hey, wait. Just a second. Hold the line.”
When you see a comma, mostly it will mean
There are words you ought to take a breath between.

So if you want to be a reading sensation,
You’ve got to know your punctuation.

Composer: Joe Raposo / Elaine Laron

question mark, exclamation point and period


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