A bewitching pair of leprechauns

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of this day, I present to you two leprechauns from Bewitched.

Samantha and the leprechaun
Elizabeth Montgomery and Henry Jones as Samantha Stephens and the leprechaun Brian O’Brien

The first one is from an episode titled “The Leprechaun,” which was first broadcast on St. Patrick’s Day in 1966. The leprechaun, named Brian O’Brien, is played by Henry Jones, who was terrific in character roles in The Bad Seed, Vertigo, and lots of other films and TV shows. He also played Phyllis’s step-father-in-law on Phyllis. Anyway, Brian O’Brien has lost his pot of gold. Naturally, it turns out that it must be recovered from one of Darrin #1’s clients.

Darrin #2 also got a leprechaun episode. In the 1970 episode, “If the Shoe Pinches,” Laugh-In’s Henry Gibson plays a leprechaun named Tim O’Shanter, sent by Endora to screw with Darrin. The leprechaun does this by giving Darrin some enchanted shoes. In this clip, Tim O’Shanter rats out Endora under threat of being turned into a toad.

Clip from “If the Shoe Pinches,” Bewitched (March 26, 1970)


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