Today on the tray: Apple turnovers

apple turnoverJuly 5 is National Apple Turnover Day. says, “Like easily portable, hand-held little apple pies, apple turnovers are an elegant taste-treat that fit well on dining table dessert plates or in workday lunchboxes. It’s nice when scrumptious pastry like this gets its own Fun Food Holiday: National Apple Turnover Day!”

Just a few years before co-starring with Larry Hagman in Dallas, Charlene Tilton co-starred with the Pillsbury Doughboy in this Pillsbury Apple Turnover Pies commercial:

Pillsbury Apple Turnover Pies commercial with Charlene Tilton (1976)

Well, who baked those wonderful pastries?
We’d really  like to know.
(“We did!” “It’s a party!”)
With Pillsbury poppin’ fresh dough!


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