Today in TV history: Lawrence Welk Show debuts

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The Lawrence Welk Show made its national TV debut 59 years ago today, on July 2, 1955. It aired on ABC until 1971, and then in first-run syndication from 1971 to 1982.

In honor of this anniversary, here is one of my favorite Lawrence Welk Show clips. The chandeliers, the big “GERITOL” sign, the harpsichord, the square old people dancing, and the Stepford-like singers popping their heads into the frame, all combine to give this performance of “Georgy Girl” a surreal quality. “A one, an’ a two…”

“Georgy Girl,” The Lawrence Welk Show (1971)

If you’re like me, I’m sure you find this “wunnerful”!


One comment

  1. I had to grab some Sandy Duncan wheat thins for all this cheese. Wow. Those old coots move like flaps on a cardboard box, stiff and lacking flow. What would happen if we stuck them in the Soul Train line? BTW, Fred Armisen has kept old Welk’s memory alive when he did those SNL skits.

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