Today on the tray: Orange juice

orange juiceMay 4 is National Orange Juice Day. Orange juice is the official state beverage of Florida, so designated by the Florida Legislature in 1967.

Below, famous orange juice spokeswoman and rabid anti-gay activist Anita Bryant sings about the virtues of Florida orange juice—and ironically, she shares the screen with what appears to be a gay cartoon bird (or so says my gaydar). Maybe that’s why it tries to fly away from her the second it sees her. But then she lures it back with her sweet talk about Vitamin C. Don’t trust her, little orange gay cartoon bird! She’s not really your friend!

Anita Bryant orange juice commercial (early 1970s)

After I posted this for last year’s National Orange Juice Day, I discovered that the Orange Bird is a full-fledged Disney character, albeit one created specifically as a mascot for the Florida Citrus Growers. Not only that, Anita Bryant recorded an album/storybook in which she sings and tells the story of Orange Bird. This bird, you see, was different from all the other birds:

The Story and Songs of the Orange Bird, starring Anita Bryant (1971)

Little Orange Bird in the Sunshine Tree
Won’t you think something sunny just for me?
Think sunny thoughts or sunny words
That will make me happy, Little Orange Bird.

He thinks beautiful orange pictures and beautiful orange words
Though his little beak can’t even peep a squeak
All the thoughts he ever spoke appear in orange smoke
That’s what makes the Orange Bird unique!


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