Today on the tray: Frozen food

Birds Eye frozen peasMarch 6 is National Frozen Food Day.

How should you celebrate? eHow suggests, “Make frozen food crafts like a pea necklace using a large needle, thread and a clasp… Drape the necklace around your bare neck and enjoy the chilly sensation as you enjoy National Frozen Food Day!”

In this vintage commercial, Birds Eye Green Peas and Pearl Onions are an explosive combination, going Zap! Blam! and Pow! Maybe the frozen pea necklace isn’t such a great idea in that case. You could put out an eye. The commercial features a special appearance by Mayberry’s own Sheriff Andy Taylor).

Vintage commercial, Birds Eye Green Peas and Pearl Onions (1960s)



  1. A frozen pea necklace is still better than a frozen pee necklace. BTW, the music in this ad sounds like a burlesque dancer’s act. Hip to the right, hip to the left…

  2. I remember when TV Dinners first came out. It was such a treat to have TV dinners for supper. My favorite was fried chicken with corn and instant mashed potatoes.
    We had an Irish boy stay with us for six weeks in 1994. One of his requests was to have a TV dinner!

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