Born on this date: Tina Louise

Tina Louise as GingerBelieve it or not, Tina Louise, best known for her role as Ginger “the movie star” Grant on Gilligan’s Island, turns 80 today, February 11, 2014.

After Gilligan’s Island ended in 1967, Tina Louise declined to play Ginger in any of the three reunion movies. Reportedly, she felt the role had ruined her career by causing her to be typecast.

She apparently thought it was a better career move to play herself in a series of deodorant commercials and announce her damp, stinky ’pits to the world than to be typecast as a glamorous movie star. This commercial is from 1978—the same year that Rescue from Gilligan’s Island was broadcast with a different actress playing Ginger.

Arrid Extra Dry commercial with Tina Louise (1978)

This new, improved aluminum chlorohydrate formula not only helps stop embarrassing wetness, it sprays on drier too!



  1. She must have a really bad problem if she carries a giant can of deodorant around with her. I loved her gowns on Gilligan’s Island, but didn’t like all her heavy makeup.

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