Today on the tray: Of mice and mincemeat

mincemeatOctober 26 is National Mincemeat Day.

According to CD Kitchen, mincemeat is “a pie filling consisting of finely minced dried fruits, spices, a spirit like brandy–and sometimes, but not always, a little meat or meat fat. It can be consumed as a savory dinner course or as a dessert.”

But until adulthood, I always assumed mincemeat was made from dead mice. Why? Because of Klondike Kat, the animated feline Mountie whose catchphrase was, “I’ll make mincemeat out of that mouse!” The mouse in question was Savoir-Faire, who would taunt in a French accent, “Savoir-Faire is everywhere!”

Below, in the first episode, Savoir-Faire declares his omnipresence at 1:17, and Klondike Kat threatens to turn him into pie filling at 1:35.

Klondike Kat, “Honor at Steak” (Sept. 10, 1966)


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