Today on the tray: Something nutty

mixed nutsOctober 22 is National Nut Day.

There are many kinds of nuts. Peanuts. Hazelnuts. Almonds. Walnuts. There are lovable nuts, like Lucy Ricardo, always getting into zany situations. There are annoying nuts, like the people who sit next to you on the bus and start ranting about Armageddon. There are nuts that hurt like hell if you get kicked in them.

Left: Lucy (lovable nut); Upper right: religious nut; Lower right: testicles (aka nuts)

There are also nuts that are surrounded by chocolate and coconut, as in Almond Joy candy bars. But don’t look for nuts in Mounds. As the classic commercial says, “Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t. Almond Joy’s got nuts. Mounds don’t.” Occasionally I may feel like a nut, but I never feel like coconut, so I never eat either of these candy bars. But to each his own.

Almond Joy/Mounds commercial (1981)

By the time this version of the ad came out, the jingle was well known, having been used since sometime in the ’70s. It was written by Leon Carr, who also co-wrote the popular songs “Hey There, Lonely Boy” and “Our Everlasting Love,” both of which were recorded by Ruby and the Romantics. Now there’s a bit of trivia that has nothing to do with nuts.

Have a nutty National Nut Day!


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