Today on the tray: Apple Betty White

October 5 is National Apple Betty Day. 

CNN says, “This classic American dessert dates back to the colonial period and probably evolved from the traditional English bread pudding… In honor of National Apple Betty Day, bake your own version of this scrumptious dessert and top it with lemon sauce, ice cream, or whip cream.”

But I have a better idea. Why not make it National Apple Betty White Day, and celebrate by watching a Betty White video on your favorite Apple device while you eat the apple betty that you baked yourself?

Here’s a video for you: It’s an episode from her short-lived late ’70s series, The Betty White Show. White’s character is Joyce Whitman, an actress who stars in a police series called Undercover Woman. Georgia Engel, who played Georgette on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, is Joyce’s best friend Mitzi. The guy who played Higgins on Magnum, P.I. plays Joyce’s ex-husband, who also directs Undercover Woman.

It’s not worth watching the whole episode, but at least catch the fun opening credits. If you’re like me, that’s as long is it will take to inhale your apple betty.

The Betty White Show, Episode 1, “Undercover Police Woman” (Sept. 12, 1977)

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