When life hands you lemons…

August 20 is National Lemonade Day. 


According to Punchbowl.com, “Lemonade originated in the Mediterranean region in the 13th century and the recipe eventually made its way to Europe and then to America. The beverage was sold as an everyday refreshment and as a tonic, used to treat colds and other ailments. In France, you could purchase a glass from street vendors known as ‘lemoadiers.'”

You know what they say: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” If you happen to have water and sugar handy.

Grandpa Walton and Ike drink lemonade
Grandpa Walton and Ike Godsey enjoy lemonade spiked with “The Recipe” on The Waltons.

For National Lemonade Day, I really, really wanted to find a clip from the episode of The Waltons where Grandpa spikes the lemonade at Elizabeth’s stand with The Recipe. Unfortunately, all I could find was this photo of Grandpa and Ike enjoying a nice cool glass of the lemony moonshine.

But as a consolation, here is another lemonade clip: Young Merv Griffin hawks Sealtest lemonade in a 1962 live commercial during the game show Play Your Hunch. Griffin says it’s “sweetened just right, man.” I didn’t know that people who weren’t beatniks used the word “man” that way in 1962.

Vintage Sealtest lemonade commercial with Merv Griffin (1962)


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