Today on the tray: Beans

beansJuly 3 is Eat Beans Day.

“Eat beans” is a pretty broad directive. There are so many kinds of beans—string beans, kidney beans, black beans, lima beans, lentils—I could go on and on. And there are so many ways to prepare them.

Here’s a bean idea from Heinz: Take Heinz 57 baked beans, wrap them in some kind of sausage meat, and fry it to make Heinz “Scotch beans.” It’s this week’s “Heinz hint.”

Heinz 57 Baked Beans commercial (1955)

Heinz 57—Heinz 57
You have meals to plan each day
You and Heinz can make them gay
Get together right away
With Heinz 57!

How did I get this far into a bean post without a fart joke? Well, let’s make up for that with this fabulous compilation of Family Guy fart clips, including Peter’s flatulence PSA and “I Like Farts” song. It’s more than three minutes of nonstop farting fun.

Family Guy fart-tacular

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