Today on the tray: Grape popsicles

grape popsicleMay 27 is Grape Popsicle Day.

If your favorite flavor is blueberry, you’ll have to wait until September 2 for National Blueberry Popsicle Day, and if it’s cherry, just sit tight until National Cherry Popsicle Day on August 26. There apparently is no Orange Popsicle Day. Or maybe every day is Orange Popsicle Day.

This 1950s Popsicle commercial stresses the purity of the product. “Popsicle is Pure. Popsicle is Wholesome.” You know, not like those dirty, slutty snacks that others sell.

Oh, it’s also “made the scientific way.” Freezing liquids into solids is extremely advanced science!

Popsicle commercial (1950s)


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