Born on this date: Betty Ford

Betty Ford on Mary Tyler Moore ShowFirst Lady Betty Ford, the wife of President Gerald Ford, was born 95 years ago today (April 8, 1918).

President Ford was in office when Mrs. Ford made a cameo appearance on an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

In the episode, Mary and Lou are in Washington, DC for a seminar. While Mary goes out for a night on the town, Lou stays behind in his hotel room, insisting to Mary that he knows lots of people in Washington who will surely come calling. When Mary returns, Lou drops names of all the VIPs he claims were there. Mary doesn’t believe him.

The phone rings; Lou says it’s Betty Ford calling because the President left his pipe there. Lou hands Mary the phone, and she, believing it to be a hoax, flippantly addresses the First Lady, saying, “Hi Betty. This is Mary… Queen of Scots.” Mary then goes on to tell her that her impression of Betty Ford “really stinks.”

From “The Seminar,” The Mary Tyler Moore Show (Jan. 10, 1976)


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