Today on the tray: Beans ’n’ franks in a flashlight

beans and franksJuly 13 is National Bean ’n’ Franks Day.

Remember that time we all went to the Grand Canyon in our station wagon, singing songs the whole way? And then we rode down into the canyon on mules? Oh, wait, that wasn’t us—it was the Brady Bunch!

That memorable three-episode Grand Canyon trip kicked off The Brady Bunch’s third season. Part 1 stars Jim Backus as a prospector who holds the Bradys captive in a jail cell in a ghost town on their way to the canyon. Will they ever escape? (Spoiler: Yeah, they do.) In Part 2, Bobby and Cindy get lost at the bottom of the canyon while chasing an “Indian boy.” Will the youngest Bradys ever be found? Cue the scary cliffhanger music!

Cindy, Jimmy, and BobbyIn Part 3, “The Brady Braves,” Bobby and Cindy actually meet the Indian boy, whose name is Jimmy. After greeting Jimmy with “How!,” identifying themselves as “pale-faces,” and saying other things that don’t sound so good today, Bobby and Cindy find out that Jimmy’s a runaway. Not the dirty, off-putting kind of runaway—just a nice boy who thinks his grandfather doesn’t approve of his wanting to be an astronaut. He agrees to help Bobby and Cindy find their way back to the Brady campground if they’ll bring him some food and not rat him out.

So here’s where the beans ’n’ franks come in. After reuniting with their family, Bobby and Cindy smuggle Jimmy some franks ’n’ beans from the Brady cookout. It’s Bobby’s ingenious idea to remove the batteries from a flashlight and store the food inside. I hope those batteries haven’t corroded or leaked anything nasty.

diagram of frank 'n' bean flashlight

Then other stuff happens: The Brady parents find out about Jimmy, Mike talks to Jimmy’s grandfather Chief Eagle Cloud to clear things up, and the Bradys become honorary members of the tribe, each receiving an Indian name.

Watch Bobby and Cindy smuggle the franks ’n’ beans right under Alice’s nose at 8:20.

The Brady Bunch, “The Brady Braves” (Oct. 1, 1971)

That Bobby’s a pretty clever Brady, huh? So grab yourself a flashlight and have A Very Brady National Bean ’n’ Franks Day!


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