Today on the tray: Fudge and plum(b)s

nutty fudgeMay 12 is Nutty Fudge Day, not to be confused with National Fudge Day, which is June 16.

I had a hard time thinking of a TV tie-in to nutty fudge, but then I remembered the Saturday morning kids’ series Fudge, which ran for two seasons from 1995 to 1997. And calling your kid “Fudge” is pretty nutty, though I suppose it’s no worse than calling your kid “Brick” (The Middle) or “Beaver” (you know which show).

Fudge intro (1995–97)

cast of Fudge
The cast of Fudge, with Eve Plumb far left.
Fudge was based on a series of Judy Blume books. (Are you there, God? It’s me, Michael.) I never watched Fudge, but I did flip by a few times and noticed that the mother was played by Eve Plumb, previously “Jan” on The Brady Bunch. And guess what? Her hair is dark red in this series. That kind of seems like a middle finger to all the fans who revere her “hair of gold, like [her] mother,” who would like to see Jan’s sidecurls in the Smithsonian. I jest, but Plumb has expressed real frustration that people always want her to be Jan—a person she isn’t. Interestingly, it was Lisa Kudrow who suggested the color change to Plumb as way to look less like Jan. Butt out, Phoebe!

Plumb has the reputation of being the bitter one from the Brady cast, and each time she does an interview where she denies being bitter, she winds up sounding… bitter. Well, maybe not bitter, but perhaps a bit uptight and brittle. Jon Stewart gets her to loosen up a little in a 1994 appearance on his show. If anyone could do that, it’s Jon Stewart. And speaking of hair color, Stewart has no gray in this clip. Oh, we were all so young once.

Eve Plumb discusses her hair color and other things on the Jon Stewart Show (1994)

Really, you can’t blame Eve Plumb for being over it. If I were confronted daily by people badgering me about my teen years—demanding to hear stories about my bar mitzvah, or begging for details about the wedgies I got at summer camp—it would get old fast.

But you know what would help me get over it? A nice tray of nutty fudge. Have a Happy Nutty Fudge Day!


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