Today on the tray: Singing piggies

April 15 is National Glazed Spiral Ham Day—something this Jewish blogger knows nothing about. Fortunately, offers some background:

spiral glazed hamAmericans have been making glazed ham for many years. Recipes for the dish first appeared in local newspapers during the 1940s. Around the same time, a man named Harry Hoenselaar invented a piece of equipment that could efficiently cut glazed ham into uniform slices. His patented machine carved the ham into a single, continuous spiral. In 1957, Honeselaar opened the first HoneyBaked Ham store.

Below, in a vintage commercial, three cartoon pigs sing about their dearest wish—to become Frosty Morn Hams. Don’t you love it when animals beg you to slaughter and eat them? There’s so much less guilt involved when they give you their blessing.

Frosty Morn Ham commercial (1960s)

The piggies sing:

The height of a piggy’s ambition
From the day he is born
Is hope that he will be good enough
To be a Frosty Morn.

So go ahead and slice and glaze them for National Glazed Spiral Ham Day—nothing would make them happier!


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