Today on the tray: Egg nog

December 24 is National Egg Nog Day.

Borden's egg nogThere are a few theories about how eggnog actually got its name. One story claims that eggnog was first called “egg n’ grog,” which was eventually shortened to “eggnog.” According to other sources, the name comes from the Old English word for strong ale, “nog.” This theory suggests that the combination of the words “egg” and “nog” refers to any drink that contains both eggs and strong alcohol.


Apparently, egg nog is the perfect refresher when you want to take a break from square dancing. In this commercial, the characters from the TV western series Fury enjoy some creamy Borden’s egg nog at a holiday barn dance. (Fury was “the story of a horse and the boy who loves him.”) Fury the horse and the rest of the cast appeared in a whole series of commercials for Borden’s dairy products.

Borden’s egg nog commercial with Fury cast (late 1950s)

TV and film star Peter Graves, who was in the Fury cast, can be seen briefly toward the end of the commercial. You can also spot Veronica Cartwright square dancing and drinking egg nog. She would later be attacked by birds in The Birds and pursued by pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, so it’s nice to see her having fun here.


  1. I’ve never tried egg nog. But I’m always happy when I see it in my grocer’s freezer I know Christmas is coming. This year it popped up earlier than usual – in October.

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