Born on this date: Susan Dey

Partridge Family actress Susan Dey turns 63 today, December 10, 2015.

Remember when Laurie Partridge had to get braces? Remember the tears, the drama? Remember how Marcia Brady had gone through the exact same thing a year earlier, crying into her pillow that she was “ugly, ugly, ugly”? (Bradys like to repeat words three times.) But Laurie’s situation was worse, because her mouth also picked up radio signals, just like Gilligan’s did in a 1965 episode of Gilligan’s Island. And then [SPOILER alert] it turned out Mark Hamill’s transistor radio was to blame.

Susan Dey & Mark Hamill
Laurie (Susan Dey) attempts to hide her shame. Jerry (Mark Hamill) looks horrified. “Old Scrapmouth,” The Partridge Family (January 15, 1971)



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