Do-si-do and away we go!

November 29 is Square Dance Day.

According to, square dancing has roots that go back to 15th century Europe. Read more about the history of square dancing here.

Tennessee twins, I Love Lucy
Teensy and Weensy, the sheriff’s twin daughters, want to go to Hollywood. (I Love Lucy)

In honor of Square Dance Day, here’s a square-dancing clip from an episode of I Love Lucy titled “Tennessee Bound.” It’s from the story arc in which the Ricardos and Mertzes travel by car from New York to California. Passing through Bent Fork, Tennessee, Lucy gets arrested for speeding, and both couples wind up in jail. They escape captivity by distracting the sheriff and his daughters with a square dance, aided by their friend Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Square dance clip from “Tennessee Bound,” I Love Lucy (Jan. 24, 1955)


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