Today on the tray: Coffee cake

Drake's Coffee CakeApril 7 is National Coffee Cake Day.

I always think of coffee cake as the cake with the cinnamon crumbs on top that fall off and make a mess, but apparently the term can be applied more loosely to any cake intended to go along with coffee.

Coffee cake can come in handy in many situations, so it’s good to take some with you wherever you go. On Seinfeld, for example, Jerry uses Drake’s Coffee Cakes to bribe Newman in order to buy his silence about Jerry’s spending time with someone else’s girlfriend. See the scene below from the episode titled “The Suicide.”

Jerry bribes Newman with Drake’s Coffee Cakes, Seinfeld, “The Suicide” (Jan. 29, 1992)

So enjoy National Coffee Cake Day—and watch out for those cinnamon crumbs.

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