Today on the tray: Hot stuff! Beef ravioli

March 20 is National Ravioli Day.

Why get ravioli in an expensive Italian restaurant when you can get it in a can?

Below, in this 1980s commercial, disco invades the world of canned pasta as kids sing a Chef Boyardee version of Donna Summer’s hit “Hot Stuff.” They may be too young to get into Studio 54, but they can eat canned beef ravioli! That’s a pretty good consolation.

I tried to think of other Donna Summer songs that could be used to sell canned pasta but came up short. Unless you consider eating it to be a punishment—then you could use “Bad Girls.”

1980s Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli/Beefaroni commercial

I don’t want a sandwich—there’s no use trying
No cold or boring lunches for me
Give me something yummy and satisfying
Something good from Chef Boyardee!

Looking for some hot stuff—beef ravioli!
Cause it’s made with good stuff—Beefaroni!

Gotta have some good stuff, hot stuff, from Chef Boyardee
I want hot stuff!

By the way, the kid who doesn’t want a “cold or boring” lunch is Candace Cameron from Full House.


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