Today on the tray: Chocolate souffle

February 28 is National Chocolate Souffle Day.

chocolate souffleAccording to CNN Eatocracy, “The name comes from a French verb, souffler, which literally means to ‘blow up’ or ‘puff up,'” and that’s exactly the magic that happens when you bake custard and egg whites together.”

I can’t think of chocolate souffle without thinking of the episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show in which Sue Ann has an affair with Phyllis’s husband Lars—and Phyllis retaliates by ruining Sue Ann’s chocolate souffle. (She slams the oven door, causing the souffle to fall).

At the close of the episode, Phyllis oh-so-innocently asks Sue Ann if she knows how to remove chocolate stains. “Why, yes!” Sue Ann chirps, eager to show off her knowledge as the “Happy Homemaker.”

“Good,” says Phyllis, dipping her hand into the ruined souffle and flinging chocolate at Sue Ann’s white apron.

Sue Ann's chocolate souffle
Phyllis (Cloris Leachman) watches with satisfaction as Sue Ann (Betty White) removes a fallen chocolate souffle from the oven. From “The Lars Affair,” The Mary Tyler Moore Show (Sept. 15, 1973).

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