This Thanksgiving, butter-bake your turkey

Join the fun as this cloying family reminiscent of Father Knows Best butter-bakes their turkey. Because “even more than your guests, your family deserves real butter!” Throughout this strange commercial, they refer to the turkey as “he” while they spread butter all over “him” and talk about how plump and juicy he will be.

Turkey and butter Thanksgiving, American Dairy Association (1956)

ANNOYING GIRL: Mommy? Why do we put put butter all over the turkey?

MOTHER: To keep him from drying out.

GIRL: Then put butter on the drumstick too!

MOTHER: Lots of butter makes him golden brown.

GIRL: Gosh, I’ll bet he’s going to be good! [picks at uncooked turkey]

MOTHER: Ahhh! Wait ’til he’s done, dear!

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