Today on the tray: The can-can!

Libby's canned vegetablesOctober 23 is National Canning Day. You might celebrate by canning your own food—or, if you’re like me, you might say “Screw that” and head over to the supermarket. With any luck, ShopRite will be having their Can-Can Sale!

ShopRite’s 1980s can-can commercials were my first exposure to the can-can dance. Because I no longer live near the ShopRite chain, I didn’t realize that ShopRite still has the Can-Can Sale and still uses the same jingle. Here’s the 1980s version I remember:

Shop Rite Can-Can commercial (1983)

Now, ShopRite does the can-can
Selling lots of brands of everything in cans, cans!
Today, it’s great to save some cash
So come to ShopRite’s Can-Can Bash
From can to can to can to can
You’ll save much more on every brand
You’ll save much more on every brand
Now’s the time to shop at ShopRite’s Can-Can Bash!
Now it’s time to stock up while the values last!

ShopRite also has a cool app where you can upload your photo and create your own ShopRite can-can. Here’s mine. I’ve got great gams, if I do say so myself! Oh-la-la!


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