Today on the tray: A very Brady mushroom


October 15 is National Mushroom Day.

According to Wikipedia, a mushroom is “the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus.” Gross. You can leave the mushrooms off my side of the pizza, thanks.

You may recall that in the 1996 movie A Very Brady Sequel, Alice serves spaghetti sauce made with psychedelic mushrooms to “Roy Martin” (Carol’s back-from-the-dead first husband). It seems Alice found them in Roy’s room and thought he would enjoy them.

The Brady Kids animated seriesUpon eating the ’shroom-laced spaghetti sauce, Roy hallucinates an animated sequence featuring the characters from The Brady Kids Saturday morning series (1972-73), set to “Good Morning Starshine.” It’s hysterical even if you don’t remember The Brady Kids, but I gave an extra shriek of glee when I saw Marlon the magical mynah bird and the pandas Ping and Pong! I didn’t realize how much I missed them. Watch it below.

“Roy Martin” (played by Tim Matheson) takes a trip after Alice slips him psychedelic mushrooms in A Very Brady Sequel (1996)



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