Today on the tray: We call it maize

kid eats corn on the cobJune 11 is National Corn on the Cob Day. 

“You call it corn. We called it maize. We knew all about the goodness of maize—corn—before America was America.”  With these words, a somber-voiced Native American woman reminds us who was here first—before Europeans came and took over the continent and spread diseases that wiped out much of the indigenous population.

So buy Mazola margarine, which “gets goodness from maize.” After all, she’s known about corn a lot longer than you have, and knows the right word for it too.

Mazola “We called it maize” commercial (1976)

One comment

  1. While I do recall this commercial and appreciate her heritage, and confess that I have elevated cholesterol, it would be unAmerican of me not to slather my cob with real Paula Deen butter.

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