Today on the tray: Ginger-bread or Mary Ann-bread?

Okay, this is a re-post, but is it my fault that there are two National Gingerbread Days? It’s observed on June 5 and November 21. Why two different days? I dunno, maybe it depends on your religion. In fairness, one of them should be changed to National Mary Ann-bread Day.

In the video below, someone makes gingerbread cake alongside an autographed photo of Tina Louise, Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. I love it! It’s like something I would do, if I weren’t afraid to use my oven.

And by coincidence, the signature reads, “To Michael, All the best, Tina Louise.” How perfect is that for Michael’s TV Tray?

Making the Ginger Cake with “Ginger”

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