Today on the tray: Caramels

wrapped caramelsApril 5 is National Caramel Day.

According to, “Americans began making sugary syrups in the 1600s, but the delicious chewy caramel we know and love today was a more recent innovation. Caramel candy emerged during the 18th century and quickly became one of the most popular sweets on the market.”

I don’t know what year National Caramel Day was established, but let’s get into the spirit with this 1955 Kraft Caramel commercial:

Vintage commercial for Kraft Caramels (1955)

“Wouldn’t it be swell if you had a bowl of Kraft Caramels right near the TV set so you could help yourself right now?

“Why don’t you ask Mother to get some?… It’s easy for Mother to buy Kraft Caramels when she does her regular marketing — no extra stops, because candy counters everywhere feature Kraft Caramels.”

It’s a great early example of what food marketers actually call the “pester factor,” the strategy of getting kids to drive their parents crazy until the parents buy the kids a product just to shut them up.

Oh, and caramels are “actually good for you,” according to this commercial, because there is “a pint and two-thirds—nearly a quart—of wholesome milk in every single pound of Kraft Caramels.” Well, I’m convinced! Are you?

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